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Hot Rodz & Pin ups


Another attempt at photography. Went for my first annual Pheasant hunting trip with some friends from South Dakota. Flew into Omaha (lovely in the fall) and drove about 3 hours north to Yankton, SD. Trip included an amazing steak dinner at a place with carpeted walls, followed by a trip to the strip mall/bar/strip club. 

Made this Spotify playlist after watching this Youtube Video from Chicago Music Exchange.

Most on the list made it with the exception of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin (I spared using the tribute band LEZ Zeppelin…)  AC/DC, and a Tom Petty song. Will Ferrell Slipped in there with Kansas, so 75% of the time it works every time.


(Source: Spotify)

awesome idea. If only I had an RV or a van to live out of…

A tasty photo mission. Sandwich shops of St. Louis Missouri. First Try.

Recipe gets a little complicated near the end, but you get the point.

Dean Martin’s recipe for the perfect burger. Along with Jimmy Buffet, a true pioneer of burger public relations.